These Are Dark Times

The Ragged Lands are in turmoil. Darkness and evil shroud the land, and the few high houses shelter in their ancient citadels as wicked beasts grow bolder and bolder beyond their walls. The Free Peoples dream of the resplendent past and the glorious promise made to all Creation, but cults, disease, and despair threaten to overwhelm the few remaining sanctuaries.

Darkwater, great city of the Mystic River, stands as a center of intrigue and opportunity at the heart of the Ragged Lands. From its towering Academy of the Arts to the crowded docks of Water Street, the city is a melting pot of cultures, schemes, and ambitions. Thieves and worse vie for control of the waterfront, ancient grudges pit the noble houses against one another, and the Masters’ Council strives to keep order. Everything is for sale, but the price is rarely simple coins in a city saturated with magic. Darkness gathers beyond the walls, and opportunity is abundant for the brave and lucky. Even in the deepest darkness, one light may make all the difference.

Heroes of Darkwater

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