Heroes of Darkwater

Where We Begin
Scarab's Stronghold

In the crowded, filthy slum of Mazeburg, the wizard Scarab has carved a deceptive base of operations. The Twin Maidens Towers stand in a weedy park surrounded by a wall overgrown in razorvine and snipe-dragons, and the grounds are overrun by petty-thieves, an indigent circus troupe, and street people. The crumbling towers were once soaring and beautiful but now appear on the verge of collapse. Two sagging bridges connect the third and seventh of their eight floors. The ground around the towers is home to a crowded shantytown run by Pearl Kingslove, a short, squat, shrill woman who rules the park. She is attended by her guards Opal (a goliath of considerable strength), Ruby (a human pyromaniac), Emmy (a sly and sneaky rogue), and Paz (a dwarven knife-thrower). From time to time Scarab, known to the locals as a washed-up ex-entertainer trying to hook up with Pearl, is seen in the neighborhood, peddling “Discount Divinations”.

The first tower is inhabited by locals to the third floor, but above that, it is reserved for Scarab’s agents. The second tower is bricked up tight, but much of the inner space is warehouse and laboratory for Scarab, who lives on the top two floors. No one outside of Scarab’s adventurers and Pearl know the truth.

Scarab’s two chief lieutenants are Gonzalo and Iago. Gonzalo is a dashing and elegant duelist beginning to show his age. He operates out of the Hag’s Mirror Tavern in Old Town, keeping an eye on the docks. Iago, a taciturn and scowling scoundrel, slouches and skulks the slums of Mazeburg, keeping an eye on the thieves and other shady citizens. Most mornings find him breakfasting at the Red Barrel bar, though he won’t be pleased if you join him.


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