The Gods of the Empire

01. Allimandra, the Ill-Mother, Queen of the Drow – Evil
02. Brand, the Despised, Accursed – Unaligned
03. Chroma, Mother of Dragons, the Ur-Hydra – Unaligned
04. Grimgoth, Crone Queen, Hag of Hags, the Greedy – Chaotic Evil
05. Reya, Lady of Law, Mother of Cities – Lawful Good
06. Rheinhardt, Diamondfist, the Smith – Good
07. Sunastien, the Shining, Sun-Father – Lawful Good
08. Tyranthraxis, the Iron Tyrant, Lord of Ooze – Evil
09. Undyne, the Trickster, Fool – Unaligned
10. Vangel, Grand Magus, All-Wise – Unaligned
11. Vladrak, the Hungry, Devourer of All – Chaotic Evil
12. Vor, Green Lady, the Bountiful – Good

Gods Beyond the Walls

01. Adun, the Maimed, the Judge – Lawful Good
02. Dom, Hell’s Keeper, Forger of Chains – Evil
03. Heimner, the Loud-Shouter, Thunderer – Good
04. Klaia, the Subtle, Moon-Daughter – Unaligned
05. Lothar, Bonelord, First-Lich – Evil
06. Morinfen, the Fury, Beast-Lord – Chaotic Evil
07. Orb, Oracle, Seeing-Stone – Good
08. Osmura, Fae-Queen, Lady of Worlds – Unaligned
09. Shan, the Warden, Protector of the Light – Good
10. Sharth, the Deceiver, the Shapeless, Father of Lies – Evil
11. Tamog, the Brute, Stacker of Heads – Chaotic Evil
12. Tavok, the Whore, Ruiner, Betrayer – Chaotic Evil

The First Ones

01. Agogagog, the Howl From Beyond
02. Asterbai, Yesterday’s Son of Stillborn Tomorrow
03. Celtoth, Crystal of Lies
04. Chiturga, Drinker of Tears
05. Mantorok, the Swarm of Eyes and Teeth, Crawling Chaos
06. Uboloth, Worm that Walks

The Known Primordials

01. Heliox, First-Son, the Shining, Inferno
02. Horizos, the Endless, Bluebelly, Cloudclad
03. Ladon, Oceanstrider, Lord of the Wide Seas
04. Lamia, Mother of All, Mother of Monsters
05. Ranna, Silver Eye, Moon-Mother, the Changing
06. Tython, First of Firsts, the Word, Father Earth
07. Ulvi, the Tainted, Lavablood
08. Veddun, Longstrider, the Mountain Who Walks


Heroes of Darkwater Throneworld