Important People

NPCs of Note

Madam Grizelda, elderly necromancer who once tutored Adelaide.
Wallis, handsome human witch of the Full Moon coven, with a sleek black and white rat familiar. According to Scarab, he is mixed up with the HIdden Seeds revolutionaries.

Important Enemies

Noah Burnwell, kidnapped demonologist associated with the Red Shadows.
Strom Leadcup, a southern dwarf with a giant maul, killed by the party but now missing.

Rival Operatives

Sir Martin, charismatic and honorable human knight.
Doctor Rose, human warlord educated in Bladecrown.
Fenster, acrobatic and sneering youth skilled in stealth and stabbing.
Lyndolf, rugged servant of Heimner from the icy northlands.
Tom True, handsome harper and teller of tales.

The Prophet and His Operatives

The Prophet, an unknown player in Scarab’s game unusually gifted in seeing the future, though presumably at some cost.
Lady Shrike, beautiful red-haired “trader” and seller or rare dyes, leader of the Prophet’s crew.
Echo, human warrior.
Sister, human warrior, presumably family to Echo.
Touarak, half-orc rustic.
Hector, who doesn’t “look well.”

The Hag’s Mirror Tavern

Cipher, talkative gnome with a habit of taking other people’s names as his own.

Twin Maidens Towers

Emmy, a cunning human rogue gifted at disappearing.
Opal, goliath strongwoman and Pearl’s bodyguard.
Paz, dwarf maiden with considerable skill at throwing knives.
Pearl Kingslove, aging queen of a court of shady circus performers.
Ruby, human pyromaniac fire-eater, fire-conjurer, and cook of spicy foods.

NPCs At Twin Maidens

Brother Remedius, aging but passionate human healer, disciple of Sunastien.
Junga, angry teen shapeshifter with disdain for most social niceties.
Moreau, morose and misanthropic eladrin psychic who radiates a miasma of malaise. It has been revealed that he struck the deathblow against Gerrolt’s brother.
Perfidy Snapdragon, stunningly beautiful and cruel human spellbinder, unfailingly scathing and indiscriminately hurtful. Cipher claims there’s something “odd” about her.
Pristine Blackmane, beautiful and buxom bloodthirsty vampire with a heart of gold who struggles to maintain her humanity.
Sharrida Trueblood, fierce but friendly half-elf champion.

Site Bee

Site Bee consists of a small cluster of business in Knife’s Edge on the riverfront. It includes a number of warehouses under heavy guard, a couple of short private docks, and the Pilfered Crown Inn and Tavern. A riverboat apparently owned by Scarab makes missions from here, a small and fast vessel named Wasp.

Carlotta, quiet and resigned human manager of the dock warehouses.
Cassius, skulking Risen swordsman, head of security for Site Bee.
Akek, dragonborne swordmage who guards Carlotta.
Ludlow, somber manager of the Pilfered Crown Inn and Tavern, clad in green and gold.
Irina, elvish mistress of the South Long Street Docks.
Teach, boisterous, black-bearded human captain of the Wasp.
Mister Claymore, short, tough, and female first-mate of the Wasp.

NPCs at Site Bee

Breahna, gorgeous ginger half-elven bard gifted at lifting spirits and lightening moods.
Calypso the Cursed, alluring yet disturbing tiefling meddler, skilled at twisting fate.
Cassandra, unhinged human tinkerer, gifted at alchemy but not self-preservation.
Charity Jaggedmaid, paladin of Brand given to bouts of near uncontrollable rage.
Fortunato, elegant and refined elvish spearman.
Grigori the Avalanche, serenely insufferable goliath sage convinced of his obvious perfection.
Leopold Stormpeak, good-humored dwarven explorer who struggles with the truth.

Scarab’s Inner Circle

Alpha, Scarab’s rarely glimpsed bodyguard, extraordinarily gifted at disguise.
Gonzalo, dashing, middle aged, and starting to slow a bit; dyes his hair (badly).
Iago, old and skulking, murderous, foul-tempered, and fiercely loyal. He masterminded an operation to trap a goblin spy that netted Gerrolt’s brother and resulted in the spy’s death.
Scarab, mysterious mastermind masquerading as a mountebank, possibly ironically. The Prophet has insinuated that Scarab is other than he appears (“I know what he really is…”).
Kavel, elvish wizard excelling at teleportation and gating, apparently in charge of Site Bee.
Septima, silky and seductive spellweaver working with Kavel in the Abbey.

Important People

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